Why Volunteer?Why Volunteer?

Why Volunteer?

Because one person CAN make a great difference…

* To help your community
* To be a good citizen
* To help someone in need
* Meet new people/make new friends
* Make a difference
* Be a role model/ inspire others with your dedication
* To give back
* Feel good about yourself
* Hearing “Thank you” from all those you help
* Keeping active and involved
* Spreading smiles wherever you go
* Exploring new opportunities
* Explore career and personal interests
* Increase your self-confidence
* To have fun
* To care for others

Who Volunteers?
We at Chippewa County- Montevideo Hospital are looking for men and women that are:

* Trustworthy
* Take ownership
* Kind hearted
* Caring
* Healthy in spirit

For more information on becoming a volunteer at Chippewa County- Montevideo Hospital:
call our Volunteer Coordinator at 320-321-8416

Download a Volunteer Application

“In this troubled world, it’s refreshing to find someone who still has the time to be kind.  Someone who still has the faith to believe that the more you give, the more you receive.  Someone who’s ready by thought, word, or deed to reach out a hand, in the hour of need.”  -Helen Steiner Rice