Memory Care

CCMH Memory Care Clinic:   We have to admit, as our population ages, we worry more about our memory.  We ask ourselves if it’s normal to lose our keys or to forget appointments.  We are here to help!  Our primary goal at the Memory Care Clinic is to assist you, your loved ones/caregivers, and your healthcare provider in obtaining a complete and objective evaluation of your memory and other thinking skills, collectively known as cognition.  If our findings suggest that cognition is less than what’s expected, our second goal is to determine the impact those challenges are having on your ability to communicate effectively and to safely take care of yourself and to successfully complete your daily responsibilities.  Plus, we take a unique perspective on memory care and also assist your loved-ones/caregivers in determining the impact your situation is having on them.  The Memory Care Clinic staff includes a speech-language pathologist, an occupational therapist, and a family nurse practitioner, all considered to be experts in the area of cognition (memory and other thinking skills).  The evaluation process takes about 5 hours over the course of 2 days.  At the end of the second day, the Memory Care Clinic staff meets with you and your family members/caregivers to share the evaluation results and to make recommendations.  Our recommendations are intended to assist you, your loved-ones/caregivers and your healthcare provider in making educated and safe decisions regarding your health and safety.

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For more information, contact:

Lori Petersen, B.A.
Memory Care Coordinator
Chippewa County – Montevideo Hospital
824 North 11th Street Montevideo, MN  56265-1629
P:  320.321.8268    C:  320-321-3868