Clarkfield Clinic

Clarkfield Clinic
812 10th Ave
Clarkfield, MN 56223
Phone: 320-669-4417

The Clarkfield Clinic is served by medical providers from the Montevideo Clinic.
For appointments call: 320-669-4417
Hours of operation: Tuesdays 8am – 5pm.  (closed holidays)

Helpful Tips from CCMH

Preparing for Your Clinic and/or Hospital Appointment

* It is essential that you arrive at your scheduled check in time.  This allows time to register for your appointment and meet with the nurse prior to your exam.
* If you are scheduled for a physical or annual exam and have an early morning appointment you may wish to avoid eating or drinking prior to your exam so fasting lab work may be done the same day.
* If you are bringing small children along for your exam, please make arrangements for someone to help watch them during your exam.


Items to Bring

* All current medical insurance cards
* Driver’s license or photo ID
* Social Security card
* All medications in their original bottles; this includes herbals and supplements; It is important that we keep your medication record accurate and up to date
* A list of all known allergies
* Any forms, documents or papers you need to have filled out
* A list of your questions and concerns (this will help you and your provider identify and prioritize items to focus on)
* If appointment is related to a workman compensation injury or an automobile accident, please bring along your workman compensation billing address and claim number or your auto insurance billing address and claim number.

Forms and Information

Allergy shots:
May be given between the hours of 9:00 – 11:30 am and 1:30 – 4:30pm. Patients must stay in the clinic for 30 minutes after receiving their shot as a safety precaution. No appointment is necessary. An unattended minor may receive allergy shots only if the parent / guardian signs a consent form and it is on file. If you need a consent form, you may request one from the receptionist or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD then print and sign.

Authorization to Treat Unaccompanied Minor:
Authorization forms are available upon request or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD then print and sign.

Prescription refills:
If you need a prescription refilled, please contact your pharmacy first. The pharmacist will fill your prescription and let you know if you are due to see the physician prior to the next refill. If you have questions after speaking with the pharmacist, please call the clinic to schedule an appointment or talk with a nurse.