Population Heath RN

Job Posting Title: Population Health Nurse

Department:    Clinic

Type of Employment:   1.0 FTE – 40 hours per week



  • Licensed Registered Nurse
  • 3-5 years’ experience in clinical or community resources settings; Care coordination and/or case management experience is desirable
  • Evidence of essential leadership, communication, education, and counseling skills
  • Proficient in communication
  • Highly organized with ability to keep accurate notes and records
  • Experience with health IT systems and reports is desirable
  • Local knowledge about and connections to community health care and social welfare resources is desirable

Skill Requirements:

  • Core values consistent with a patient- and family-centered approach to care
  • Demonstrates professional, appropriate, effective, and tactful communication skills
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude and respectful, professional customer service
  • Acknowledges patient’s rights on confidentiality issues, maintains patient confidentiality at all times, and follows HIPAA guidelines and regulations
  • Proactively acts as patient advocate, responding with empathy and respect to resolve patient and family concerns, and recognizes opportunities for improvement to meeting patient concerns
  • Proactively continues to educate self on providing quality care and improving professional skills

Experience:  Previous clinic experience preferred.