Mgr Med-Surg/Skilled/ICU

POSITION:                Manager of Med-Surg/Skilled Care/ICU

DEPARTMENT:       Nursing Service

HOURS:                     Full-time/Exempt

Including rotating weekend call and holiday call


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing preferred
  • Specialty certification preferred
  • Current RN registration in the State of Minnesota, ACLS, NRP, TNCC or CALS


  • Interpersonal skills necessary in order to direct, guide and instruct nursing personnel
  • Problem-solving skills including cost-benefit analysis
  • Ability to utilize verbal and written communication skills in order to address external and internal customers
  • Expertise in negotiating, instructing, supervising, persuading and influencing people
  • Proficient in analyzing, evaluating, integrating, compiling and comparing data and information
  • Skilled in policy and procedure development
  • Adept in active listening, conflict management and team building skills
  • Proficient in planning, organizing, delegation and communicating departmental goals and work plans as they relate to the overall mission of CCMH
  • Capacity to manage daily challenges in a rural health care setting
  • Ability to demonstrate effective presentation skills, written communication and computer skills

General Responsibilities:

  • Ensures high quality patient care and safety by securing qualified personnel and providing for appropriate training, equipment and technology in the Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU areas.
  • Coordinates and directs all patient care in Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU.  Assigns job specific duties, scheduled work hours and schedule changes and approves overtime.
  • Validates time and attendance (time cards) and approves PTO/vacation requests.
  • Promotes staff within the departments and approves of interdepartmental and intradepartmental transfers.
  • Supervises and evaluates work performance in accordance with job description of all personnel assigned. Monitors staff competency and continuing education participation.
  • Is accountable for staff recruitment, development, and retention.  Interviews and hires staff.  Completes and signs employee probationary evaluation forms.  Supervises and evaluates staff performance.  Writes and administers annual performance appraisals on department staff.
  • Authorizes and administers coaching/counseling and disciplinary action when appropriate to Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU staff.  Provides guidance and constructive criticism as needed.  Renders discipline as dictated by CCMH’s policies i.e. progressive discipline: coaching, verbal warning, written warning, final written warning, suspension, and termination.
  • Represents CCMH management and responds to and adjusts grievances in the Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU service areas.
  • Participates in the budgetary process and evaluation of cost effectiveness of services.  Is responsible for fiscal management of the Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU services.
  • Delivers excellent customer service by adhering to and exhibiting CCMH’s Standards of Behavior at all times.
  • Nominates department staff for the GEM award when they go above and beyond and recognizes and rewards staff whenever possible.
  • Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates ongoing quality improvement programs related to Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU.
  • Takes overall responsibility for orientation, training and clinical competency of Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU staff.
  • Develops and ensures consistent implementation of policies/procedures/protocols related to standards of practice as recommended by external professional organizations for Med-Surg, Skilled Care and ICU services.  Is knowledgeable regarding and complies with all regulatory compliance standards.
  • Collaborates with Medical Staff to develop evidenced based practice protocols as appropriate for acute care, skilled care, pediatrics and the ICU.
  • Oversees and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the nursing department and attends meetings as directed in the absence of the Chief Nursing Officer.
  • Takes responsibility for the review, accuracy and updating of unit job descriptions with respect to current clinical practices.
  • Promotes a positive work environment with high quality medical, surgical, skilled care, pediatric and ICU services as evidenced by positive patient, staff and physician satisfaction scores.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and State of Minnesota Scope of Nursing Practice.
  • Oversees the Nurse Educator position approving development, implementation and evaluation criteria of unit specific orientation programs and ongoing competency assessment and review.
  • Works closely with the Staffing Coordinator to ensure appropriate staff based on patient census and acuity.
  • Supervises the Charge Nurses to assure safe high quality patient care.

Experience:  Four or more years of experience in area of expertise.  Minimum of four years of nursing leadership experience.