Infection Prev/Empl Health Nurse

POSITION:                 Infection Prevention/Employee Health Nurse

DEPARTMENT:          Performance Excellence

HOURS:                      0.6 FTE/Exempt

Job Summary

The infection prevention nurse is responsible for the development and implementation of the organization wide infection control program including: surveillance and reporting of healthcare acquired infections,  development of policies and processes to reduce the transmission of infection; educating employees about infection control practices, and the development of health system policies and procedures to ensure rigorous infection control standards that meet CMS, OSHA, Public Health and Center for Disease Control requirements.

Responsible for maintaining confidential employee health files including new hire vaccination testing and other mandated requirements to ensure a safe work environment. Assist HR with completion of pre and ongoing employment requirements, including conditions of employment.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing required.
  • Five (5) years experience as a Registered Nurse preferred.
  • Three years experience as an infection prevention nurse preferred.
  • Current Registered Nurse licensure in the State of Minnesota.
  • Infection Prevention national certification and/or willingness to obtain.


  • Interpersonal skills necessary in order to direct, guide and instruct nursing personnel and hospital staff and students.
  • Ability to utilize verbal and written communication skills in order to address external and internal customers, including senior management and various other individuals.
  • Negotiate, instruct, supervise, persuade and influence people.
  • Active listening, conflict management and team building.
  • Proficiency in planning, organizing, delegating and communicating departmental goals and work plans as they relate to the overall mission.
  • Strong clinical skills, mentoring abilities
  • Capable of managing daily challenges in a rural health care setting.
  • Demonstrated effective presentation skills, written communication and computer skills.
  • Ability to delegate appropriately and effectively.

General Responsibilities:

  • Providing input on progressive disciplinary system including termination in collaboration with Performance Excellence Manager and Human Resources based upon non-compliance with infection prevention or employee health standards.
  • Able to write letters of suspension and removing employees from payroll based on the current disciplinary action process based upon non-compliance with infection prevention or employee health standards.
  • Provide input into Performance Evaluations on all staff based upon Infection prevention standards.
  • Ability to assign staff tasks related to infection prevention standards, including monitoring and evaluating of standards when necessary to ensure patient and staff safety.
  • Responsible for outcomes of patient care (quality and safety).
  • Orientation and training of new hires that includes of infection prevention standards and employee health standards.
  • Provides input on incidents that occurred related to infection prevention that are grieved to the appropriate manager. May participate in step one grievance if appropriate.
  • Initiate thank you notes and/or letters to staff for going above and beyond including patient compliments, provider compliments, and comments from coworkers.  Nominating employees for achievement awards (GEM awards).
  • Maintains Confidential Employee Health Files including new hire vaccination testing including mandated requirements to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Work with HR regarding completion of pre and ongoing employment requirements, including conditions of employment.
  • Investigates injured employees with follow up paperwork to ensure staff safety. Files reports to MDH as necessary.
  • Providing education to patients and staff based on guidelines and methods of infection prevention.
  • Develops and ensures consistent implementation/updating of policies/procedures/protocols related to standards of practice as recommended by external professional organizations for infection prevention and employee health. Is knowledgeable and complies with all regulatory standards.
  • Develops, implements, monitors, and evaluates ongoing quality improvement projects related to infection prevention and employee health.


Excellent Benefits:  Up to 26 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) per year, Single health insurance premium paid in full, Dental and Life insurance available and Public Employee Retirement Association of MN (PERA).



Phone: 320-321-8392